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Miles logged by USMS swimmers in the Fitness Logs
The USMS Go the Distance program is a free fitness event. Track your miles swum in our online Fitness Log, reach key milestones, and gain online recognition for your achievements. Sign up now.
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Strategies for retaining new swimmers
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Small habits that make a big difference
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Dozens of FINA Masters World Records fell at the USMS Summer National Championship
Aquatic Evolution - Aug 30, 2016
From Spitz to Phelps and beyond!
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You can't control the weather, but these tips will help keep your car cool
Five Key Elements of a Good Backstroke Start - Aug 29, 2016
Backstroke starts depend on timing

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Coach Certification Course Schedule

Course Date Location Levels Offered
Oct 8, 2016Irvine, Calif.Level 1Level 2  Register Now
Oct 15, 2016Denver, Colo.Level 1Level 2  Register Now
Oct 22, 2016Seattle, Wash.Level 1Level 2  Register Now
Oct 23, 2016San Jose, Calif.Level 3  Register Now
* This class is on a Sunday
Oct 28, 2016Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.Level 1Level 2  Register Now
* This class is on a Friday
Oct 29, 2016New York, N.Y.Level 3  Register Now
Nov 5, 2016Columbus, OhioLevel 3  Register Now
Nov 6, 2016Baltimore, Md.Level 1Level 2  Register Now
* This class is on a Sunday
Nov 19, 2016Las Vegas, Nev.Level 3  Register Now
Dec 3, 2016Dallas, TexasLevel 3  Register Now
Dec 4, 2016Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.Level 3  Register Now
* This class is on a Sunday
Dec 10, 2016San Diego , Calif.Level 3  Register Now
Jan 28, 2017Orlando, Fla.Level 1Level 2
Feb 11, 2017New Orleans, La.Level 1Level 2
Feb 18, 2017Charleston, S.C.Level 3
Feb 25, 2017Phoenix, Ariz.Level 1Level 2
Mar 4, 2017Seattle, Wash.Level 3
Mar 11, 2017Bentonville, Ark.Level 1Level 2
Mar 25, 2017Berkeley Heights, N.J.Level 1Level 2
Apr 1, 2017Bozeman, Mont.Level 1Level 2
Apr 8, 2017Washington, D.C.Level 1Level 2
Apr 22, 2017Charlotte, N.C.Level 1Level 2
Additional Coach Certification Course Information

Adult Learn-to-Swim Instructor Certification Course Schedule

Course Date Location
Oct 1, 2016New York, N.Y.  Register Now
Oct 8, 2016Indianapolis, Ind.  Register Now
Oct 9, 2016Long Beach, Calif.  Register Now
Oct 15, 2016Austin, Texas  Register Now
Oct 26, 2016Mt. Pleasant, S.C.  Register Now
Nov 5, 2016San Jose, Calif.  Register Now
Nov 12, 2016Orlando, Fla.  Register Now
Nov 19, 2016Minneapolis, Minn.  Register Now
Additional Adult Learn-to-Swim Instructor Certification Course Information
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